We arrived not knowing what to expect, thinking it was a small house, but would be adequate. To our surprise the house was large, about 1000 sq ft with a fabulous kitchen, breathtaking views from its large covered patios and beautifully decorated rooms. The alpacas greeted us with curiosity and gentleness; they eat food right out of your hands! We were so blessed to see the arrival of a new baby alpaca during our stay, 3 baby goats and a beautiful horse named Jazz. What an experience my husband, standard poodle and myself have had, we will definitely be booking a week stay again, 2 days just wouldn't be long enough for anyone. I also want to mention Mike, the owner/manager of the property, he is wonderful, knowledgeable and sincerely cares about your stay, his thoughtful personality is genuine and his stories are so much fun! Mike's side kick, Kona, a gentle giant, she's an English Mastiff with the sweetness of a puppy yet agility of a lion, she and our dog immediately became best friends. I just had to write about our experience, you can't go wrong with your vacation staying here!